4 Christians

4 Christians

Saint Teresa of Avila

4 Christians

Saint Francis of Assisi

4 Christians

Saint Catherine of Sienna

4 Christians

Saint Augustine Of Hippo


It is said that the four Christians that fully embody the spiritual path to God through Christianity are Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Saint Augustine of Hippo.

Saint Francis (1182-1226 CE), aka Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone, had a love and faith that was rare in any time or religion. At the age of 22 Francis underwent a spiritual conversion after fighting in the Italian wars.

There were no Perfect Masters in Europe at the time of Francis, so how did he receive God Realisation?

Well, apparently when a spiritual situation absolutely demands it, a Perfect Master can take on a body for a brief period of time. This is not some bizarre rent-a-body scheme with CDW (collision damage waiver) included, but is yet another of the tricks in the toolbox of the Perfect Masters. As needs must.

On the same night in 1224 CE that Francis received the stigmata on Mount La Verna, near Assisi, Perfect Master Khwaja Khizr aka al-Khidr, aka the Green One appeared in temporary human form and promoted Francis up through the ranks, from lowly saint to God Realised, and finally to Man-God i.e. Perfect Master.

Khwaja Khizr was also the master of both Moses and Narayan Maharaj.

Perfect Master Francis of Assisi was one of the first to lead the New Life, more than 700 years before it was invented.

God’s nazar was on Francis as he gave assistance to those in the local lazar.