Welcome to 21st Century Spirituality!

God’s Kitchen is now fully open to all. People have moved away from the middlemen of organised religions and priesthoods, embracing direct access to God. And not before time.

The spiritual world is far far madder than most realise. It’s almost as crazy as modern science – most notably sub-atomic physics.

The author offers distilled essence over wide-ranging areas, given that God embraces everything, based on the choices and the experiences he has made to date – both the wise and the daft – including;

Why Did You Choose Your Parents? ● Vampires ●  Love is the Ultimate Disease ● The Flying Nun ● The Quest for Immortality ● Diets ● Acts of God ● You Can’t Think Your Way to God ● Speed of Thought ● Ascended Masters ● Time Is Not What It Used To Be ● Good News for Judas Iscariot ● Are You Normal? ●

I’ve never been into religion very much, which I’ve always seen as being man-made and dispossessing in the main.

God, on the other hand, has always been central to my search. Wittingly, and unwittingly.

What I hadn’t realised is that God has always been closer to me than my very own self.

In many ways it’s all a big con.

You’ve been God all along.
It’s just that you’ve forgotten.

The whole journey of evolution & involution
– two sides of the same coin –
is the road from unconscious divinity to conscious divinity.

It’s the purpose for which this Universe was brought into existence.
That and Love – the only true currency.


Science & Spirituality

I’ve always seen science and spirituality as being two sides of the same coin.

Both true scientists and real spiritual seekers are often viewed by the rest of the world as being slightly mad, or worse.

Scientists try to change and improve the world around them by largely intellectual means,
whilst spiritual seekers try to change the universes within them by largely intuitive means.

They both arrive at the same destination in the end,
both climb that same one mountain back home;
the seeker through a simpler more direct intuitive route,
and the scientist through the longer and more arduous route of the intellect.



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